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Roarie Scarisbrick

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When Roarie Scarisbrick started work at Property Vision in 2004, he says, he was simply given the keys to a scooter and a London A-Z and told to get on with it.

He looked at the best part of a thousand properties in his first year alone. Nearly 20 years on, the St Andrews art history graduate is a partner at the firm, which has a London office in South Kensington, and is a seasoned adviser for private clients navigating the choppy waters of the capital’s most prestigious postcodes.

‘We’re not looking to beat people up,’ the likeable Scarisbrick says of the art of the buying agent. ‘We’re just looking for really good property at the right price for the clients.’

Adviser Profile

Roarie has been with Property Vision since 2004, and is now a partner in their London office. When he started he says he was simply given the keys to a scooter, a London streets A - Z and told to get on with it. He acts for high-end buyers and his client list is a Who's Who of private wealth and business leaders from across the world. 

Scarisbrick prides himself on an encyclopaedic knowledge of London's streets and great houses and works extremely closely with his clients to ensure that they get the best and most suitable property for them at the right price. He is consistently listed amongst London's leading buying agents and is a regular commentator in the press.

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2023, Buying Agents


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