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Lily Kennett

Spear’s Review

Former journalist Lily Kennett continues to leverage her investigative nous in her role at Schillings, where she works with corporate leaders and high-profile individuals to inform strategy amid periods of ‘controversy and upheaval’. Kennett assists her clients with ‘identifying, interpreting and responding’ to reputational risks that might arise. Kennett joined Schillings in 2017 from business intelligence firm Livingstone & Company. As well as counteracting threats from the media, Kennett works with clients to pinpoint areas affecting long-term reputational and privacy interests.

At Schillings, she works alongside ‘litigators, experts from military intelligence, investigative journalists, international investigators, cyber security specialists, digital forensic experts, crisis response professionals and senior people from the military, police and government’.

Adviser Profile

Beginning her career in journalism, Lily deploys her experience of investigations and the media to robustly defend her clients’ most valuable assets: privacy, security, and reputation. A seasoned advisor, Lily knows where information can be found and anticipates press interest accordingly, working with clients to identify issues, close privacy gaps and diligence counterparties, avoiding costly reputational missteps. Clients include entrepreneurs, CEOs, and private families facing, or anticipating, media attention, major transactions, litigation, smear campaigns, or other controversies. They value her responsiveness, insight, and ability to lead an integrated team combining investigative, cyber, and legal expertise.

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12 Arthur Street London, EC4R 9AB United Kingdom

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