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We all have a right to privacy – it’s a universal right enshrined in law, and one that we at Schillings fight passionately to protect. For nearly four decades, we’ve been working to protect the privacy, reputation and security of some of the world’s most successful individuals and businesses, helping them to enjoy what they have achieved free from intrusions into their private lives or assaults on their character. Fighting against fake news, malicious falsehoods and the misuse and proliferation of personal data, Schillings is on a mission to establish the true narrative. We believe that no one should have false information published about them or suffer ridicule by misuse of their private information – and in today’s “post-truth” age, the need for facts, accuracy and evidence is greater than ever before.   

Our game-changing approach  

Since its founding by Keith Schilling in 1984, Schillings has always been a game-changing firm. We have protected our clients and set precedents to better protect people’s privacy and security – because we don’t believe in just applying the law, but in changing it too. From obtaining a rare summary judgement to overturning a libel jury’s award, or securing the decade’s biggest libel apology and winning a case that established privacy law in the UK, Schillings has always challenged the status quo. Our heritage in this area sets us apart from the rest. It’s why, within our multidisciplinary team, we have the largest group of defamation and privacy lawyers in the world, trusted by businesses, governments, individuals and families.  

Our multidisciplinary team  

Over the last decade, Schillings has evolved from a leading law firm into a full-service multidisciplinary crisis management firm, with our roots firmly in the legal sector. Our multidisciplinary team of experts – including leading lawyers, cyber security specialists, intelligence and investigations professionals, strategic advisors, digital resilience experts and risk consultants – all work together under one roof to decisively address threats to privacy, reputation and security.  

By operating as one team, we shorten the time it takes to solve a reputation problem, security risk or a privacy threat. But we don’t just help deal with the crisis – we help our clients avoid one in the first place, mitigating risks ahead of time and pre-empting latent vulnerabilities. In our digital world, the nature of threats to privacy, reputation and security continues to evolve at an unrelenting pace. With many of the risks our clients face now existing online, our pioneering work – which began in the realm of the printed press – has advanced into tackling reputation and privacy concerns synonymous with the online arena, holding social media platforms and online publishers to account whilst fighting passionately to safeguard the privacy, security and reputation of our clients.  

How we’re different  

  • We’re more responsive: Clients can contact us any time, wherever they are in the world.
  • We’re more powerful: One of the only businesses in the world with in-house intelligence experts, investigators, cyber specialists, strategic communications and risk consultants, lawyers, and top people from the military and government.
  • We’re ethical and principled: As a regulated law firm, we apply evidential standards.
  • We’re faster: We provide the quickest route from problem to solution because we work as one team.
  • We’re the right fit: We work closely with our clients to be their best advocate, because their challenges demand expert knowledge of their worlds.
  • We’re future-focused: We advise you on how to identify issues and stop a crisis before it blows up.
  • We’re experienced: We've done this work successfully for nearly four decades.

Why call Schillings

We are the first phone call to make when faced with a problem that impacts your reputation, privacy or security. Contact us at any time, wherever you are in the world. In confidence, of course.


12 Arthur Street EC4R 9AB United Kingdom

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