Studio Indigo

Studio Indigo

Studio Indigo is a collective of dynamic architects and talented interior designers, technicians and project managers with a multi-disciplinary approach and all under one roof. We understand comfort and space, with a strong belief that good interiors are the result of intuitive architecture. A studio which is renowned for its story-laden interiors that are deeply personal and bespoke. 

Founded in 2005 by Architect Mike Fisher, the Studio has rapidly grown into a team of fifty, garnering accolades and global reputation along the way. Studio Indigo's expertise lies in the deep understanding of the intrinsic relationship between the external and interior fabric of a building, always with the aim to lay the foundations of ergonomic architecture to be choreographed to perfection and resulting in spaces that not only reflect our clients' lifestyles but enhance them. 

Meanwhile, Studio Indigo's interiors are wonderfully diverse as they each become an extension of our Clients' personalities and style, whilst always ensuring an elegant balance between comfort and timeless sophistication. At the very heart of Studio Indigo is our proven experience in working in some of the most beautiful homes and buildings in the super-prime London boroughs. From Victorian stucco houses and the glamorous conversion of abandoned artists' studios to luxury offices in London and residential developments, no two designs are ever the same. Our success lies in our ability to listen to each Client and deliver a home that not only reflects their character, but adds immense value through inventive design that takes advantage of every square meter. 

Additionally, Studio Indigo offers an Estate Management service that provides an after-care service to our Clients, from repairs to organising house staff, flowers, chefs etc. This has given our team unique insights into the lives of our Clients and how they live: key information that allows us to think one step ahead and apply this knowledge to our projects. Our multi-cultural and passionate designers and curious problem solvers has resulted in award-winning, timeless spaces of distinct character and luxury. 

Studio Indigo's vast experience within the residential sector has allowed us to bring fresh perspectives to other industries, applying a considered approach. This, paired with 15 years of industry experience, has seen our portfolio grow rapidly venturing into commercial, hospitality and superyacht industries.



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