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CASK TRADE buys and sell casks of exceptional whisky. Founded in 2018 by the serial entrepreneur Simon Aron, the Cask Trade team consists of eleven passionate individuals who are masters of whisky appreciation and have traded thousands of casks of whisky.

Cask Trade is creating one of the largest marketplaces in the world for trading casks, helping whisky lovers and investors to both buy and sell casks of exceptional whisky. 50 per cent of their customers are international independent bottlers, who are ultimately the clients for most of their casks.

Cask Trade has one of the world’s largest lists of fully owned casks and is a stockist rather than a broker. Providing a range of liquids that span from four to over 40-years-old, the company only offers whisky from well-known distillers with a reputation for producing excellent whisky.

Cask Trade has also created a bespoke global online auction platform exclusively for casks (auctionyourcask. com), so that private customers can trade their own investments. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge for valuing casks, as well as expertise in tasting cask strength whisky, the team at Cask Trade takes care of each cask through every stage of its life. They match clients’ requirements, offer storage and insurance, bottling and labelling and worldwide shipping. This transparency underlines the company’s objective of providing an honest and trustworthy cask trading business.

Whisky is a real alternative asset now, and a wonderful addition to any investment portfolio.

The simple and beautiful truth about whisky is that, as a cask matures, its complexity and desirability increases. Cask Trade’s marketplace is open to everyone.


Trading of single malt whisky casks; Whisky Investments, financial modelling; Cask life-cycle management


United Kingdom

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