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Delfin Private Office

Company Profile 

Delfin Private Office is a regulated, award-winning, independent consultancy that was established in 2016 to offer an unbiased, practical advice service to investors, family offices and foundations globally. Our mission is to give clients advice they can trust from experts they can relate to. We are conflict free, objective and open-minded. We recognize that solutions can be as diverse as the families, individuals, and institutions we advise. Our clients are global citizens with diverse and complex challenges, with a common objective of making their wealth work for them now and in the future.

What we do

Delfin's services are bespoke and can be broadly divided into strategic advisory and wealth advisory. We are driven by client need and offer tailored, innovative and practical solutions to optimise our clients' wealth arrangements.

We have created a modular service offering which enables clients to select the components of the services relevant to them. For some, this will incorporate strategic and wealth advice in a virtual family office service. Others require specific wealth advice, for example the support of a subject matter expert in a specific area or asset class or a quarterly analysis and monitoring service for investment portfolios. In all cases, clients receive institutional quality, practical, unbiased advice which helps them make sense of their wealth and to feel in control rather than burdened by it.

What makes us different

Delfin prides itself on our broad and deep service offering and the industry and client recognition we have received to date. We believe that this is built on the knowledge and experience of our diverse team and international expert advisory group. Clients value our ability to advise them on more than just their investments, viewing their wealth holistically and taking an integrated approach to governance, stewardship and guardianship. Delfin emphasises a collaborative approach which allows us to work effectively with clients, existing structures, trustees and advisors. This ensures that the advice delivered places optimal client outcomes above all else and helps ensure the sustainability of our clients' assets over the long term.

Delfin advises on but does not manage investments. We are paid by our clients and no-one else. We charge for the work we do, not the wealth our clients have. Together, these ensure our interests are fully aligned with our clients and they receive value for money.


52 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6LX United Kingdom

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