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Delfin Private Office is a regulated, award-winning, independent consultancy firm that provides top-tier client services to global family offices, investors and foundations across the globe. Established in 2016, Delfin is dedicated to empowering clients’ wealth for today and generations to come. Delfin’s commitment revolves around client requirements and offers customised, innovative and actionable solutions to enhance wealth strategies. Delfin’s approach is driven by each individual client’s needs and embodies impartiality, objectivity and open-mindedness.

What we do

Delfin’s services are bespoke and can be broadly divided into strategic advisory and wealth advisory. Our client service enables clients to select the components which are relevant to their personal requirements. For some, we act as their virtual family office, managing day-to-day administration across client’s multi-asset portfolios. For others, we assist in creating a new governance structure, such as establishing an investment committee, and provide specific wealth advice, quarterly analysis and monitoring of investment portfolios.

In all cases, clients receive institutional-quality, practical, unbiased advice with clear, lasting solutions which allows them time to enjoy their wealth, instead of being burdened by it.

We have now enhanced our offering and added on new services in response to client demand, through the introduction of a management consulting service for family offices, which focuses on assisting clients with a redesign or relocation of their target operating models. We have also been developing a financial administration service for clients which will be rolled out in the near future.

Our future development and service expansion comprises the creation of an environment from which to build an ecosystem for families with access to tools and advice provided by Delfin and our third-party partners. We plan to do this by continuing to expand our collaboration with likeminded businesses globally and through acquisition.

The Delfin framework is designed to empower families to choose their ideal solutions. It allows them to optimise, delegate, learn, take back control, achieve savings and leverage technology. Irrespective of how they invest and how much they wish to delegate, they will be able to access solutions which are right-sized and fit for purpose.

What makes us different

What makes us different at Delfin is the depth and breadth of our service offering. We are trusted advisers with deep expertise, focused on high-net-worth clients who may have complex legal, tax, finance and property considerations.

Our cutting-edge approach matches technical competence with personal chemistry to deliver the best outcomes. Our clients value our ability to advise them on more than just their investments, developing a proactive strategy for their wealth and taking an integrated approach to governance, stewardship and generational wealth transition.

Delfin emphasises a collaborative approach which allows the team to work effectively with clients, existing structures, trustees and advisers. This ensures that the advice delivered places optimal client outcomes at the forefront and helps ensure the sustainability of our clients’ assets over the long term.

Delfin advises on, but does not manage, investments. We are paid by our clients and no-one else. We charge for the work we do, not the wealth our clients have. Together, these ensure our interests are fully aligned with our clients and they receive value for money.


2nd Floor, 25 Bury Street, London, SW1Y 6AL

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