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Slateford is a discreet firm leading the pack in its work to protect reputation, defend privacy, and overcome crisis for clients. Clients come to Slateford when they are under pressure from the press, regulators or criminal third parties to find creative and ruthlessly effective solutions to complex and sensitive problems. 

Working around the clock to secure outcomes and minimise reputation damage for a roster of HNWIs, household names and FTSE100 companies and their top executives, the firm is the first port of call for those facing crisis. Its corporate client list ranges from legacy industries such as manufacturing and commodities to emerging disruptive industries such as crypto and digital assets. 

Slateford's approach to crisis sets it apart from competitors. Taking a calculated and strategic approach to a problem, they are experts at looking for the root of a crisis, identifying the trajectory of the issue and how and why issues have developed, and work on flattening the curve of the crisis to limit reputation damage and minimise any exposure to public scrutiny. 

They also work with clients to find long-term solutions to substantive problems from which reputation crises tend to stem. Their approach – pairing a short-term outcome-focused objective with a long-term strategy for crisis prevention, while constantly re-evaluating the scenario and the performance of their curated strategic approach – is why clients keep coming back to Slateford. 

Slateford's advice is built upon two main principles. Firstly, if your objectives are protecting reputation or privacy, high profile litigation drawing greater attention to the information considered private or debating the truth of allegations seldom achieves them. Secondly, media law, based on stopping people talking about a problem, is distinct from 'reputation law' – the latter focuses on solving underlying problems and better achieves objectives. 

Commitment to these beliefs is what distinguishes them from competitor firms, resulting in a magic circle client base in a two year-old boutique. Much to their clients' satisfaction, their role is almost invisible to the outside world, while they achieve the objectives they set around their reputation, confidences and privacy. 

Slateford's reputation work is sophisticated and strategic, neutralising everything from false and defamatory allegations that the media threatens to publish about a client to dirty tricks campaigns requiring tactical litigation to expose the perpetrators. The firm acknowledges that in many cases high profile litigation only exacerbates issues bringing more attention to the problem at hand. 

Their view is that not all reputation risks end with what is said about you – many serve as a leading indicator that an investigation by an authority may be prompted or that banks and others subject to compliance regimes may have their freedom to operate inhibited wrongly. 

As one client said, 'if you're in trouble, you want them in the trenches with you'.



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