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SWITZERLAND IS RENOWNED for delivering world-class medical excellence, luxury and discretion.

Located on the shores of Lake Zurich and Geneva - The Kusnacht Practice is a recognised authority in professional circles, as the world’s leader in the treatment of dependencies and psychological disorders. The practice offers an entirely tailored, 360 degree approach to treatment which includes Internal Medicine (such as extensive testing of organs, hormones, genetics and analysis of metabolism and stress), Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Care - including depression, trauma, burnout, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, eating disorders - and our unique Biomolecular Restoration and Rejuvenation (BIO-R®) Reverse Ageing programme to improve brain health and reverse the biological clock, as well as treatments for detoxification.

An international leader and visionary in the field of innovative care, The Kusnacht Practice provides a unique combination of Swiss standards of excellence, luxury and cutting-edge, innovative technology with world-renowned medical expertise. The clinical and medical team includes world-famous doctors with unequalled expertise in the treatment of psychological disorders. In addition, acknowledged experts - including specialists in internal medicine, cardiology and integrative and orthomolecular medicine – are also available.

Every client is treated on an individual basis – there is no group therapy. An entirely personalised & tailored treatment programme is created and delivered with the highest principles of professionalism, care and confidentiality in an exceptional Swiss 5-star luxury setting.

Our therapy methods

Based on their many years of experience, the specialist teams at The Kusnacht Practice recognise that most psychological and dependency disorders can only be treated, if the underlying problems causing the symptoms can be diagnosed first. For this reason, an in-depth diagnosis is the cornerstone of any treatment. The experts, with decades of medical experience, follow an unparalleled approach that combines the latest scientific findings and clinical therapy with supplementary, beneficial treatments including the Practice’s own unique BIO-R® - Biomolecular

Restoration and Rejuvenation programme. An in-depth, innovative procedure that supports the overall treatments– to correct the imbalances and stress factors in complex biochemistry to strengthen physical and emotional well-being.

The team compiles a tailored plan for recovery that is perfectly matched to the therapies. This means that clients benefit from a holistic, intensive and highly efficient programme. Evidence-based therapies are used in the individual consultations, which may add up to six to eight sessions per day – all of which are balanced programmes to nourish the mind, body and soul of our clients.

Every personalised treatment programme takes place within each client’s individual luxurious, private villa, enjoying views of Lake Zurich or Geneva. Clients are supported by a personal Live-in Counsellor and BIO-R® chef who provides characteristically outstanding Swiss service. Arrangements can also be made for family and loved ones to visit clients during their residential stay. Additionally, for clients who have official or work obligations, The Kusnacht Practice is able to incorporate an office suite within their residence, enabling them to meet the ongoing requirements of their professional lives.

Our continuing care programme 

It is not only the exceptional residential treatment that clients receive which contributes to their long-term health and wellbeing. The Kusnacht Practice’s Continuing Care Programme, plays a crucial role in their sustained recovery and happiness. We understand that returning home after a period of treatment can be a significant and apprehensive step for our clients. That's why we have developed an empathetic and holistic Continuing Care Programme, renowned as one of the best in the world. Our goal is to ensure a seamless journey back to normal life, fostering sustainable recovery.

Designed by our esteemed medical professionals, our Continuing Care Programme ensures that you continue your recovery journey and implement the healthy coping mechanisms developed during your time at The Kusnacht Practice.

We provide ongoing support through a variety of means, including a mentor program, frequent audio or video contact, and regular face-to-face meetings with our specialists during return visits to our treatment center. Your transition home is our top priority, and we will go to any lengths necessary to provide the support you need, in collaboration with your desires and needs.


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