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Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) exists to accelerate progress in society towards a fair and sustainable future for all.

We do this in three ways. We partner with individual and business donors to realise greater impact through their giving. We enable charities to do more life-changing work with lasting benefits for all, and we collaborate across sectors and borders to inspire innovation so civil society may thrive.

The organisation has an extraordinary history and impressive reach built on trusted relationships with its donor and charity partners and the skilful commitment of its 500 talented staff in the UK and North America.

For our high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients, our advice puts their philanthropic goals to work. Our private philanthropy clients inspire our teams at every turn, stepping forward with generosity, advancing their giving plans and seeking our counsel on how to achieve the most impact through their donations.

We also help colleagues in the wealth adviser community with our expertise so that they may better navigate the needs of donors and charities alike.

For our clients

Over the last year, donors who chose to work with CAF helped us to safely deliver a record amount of funds to charities in 104 countries at their greatest time of need in living memory. For our major donors we provide:

• Flexible giving: Donor Advised Funds in the United Kingdom and United States

• CAF Charitable Trust: Major donors give cash, shares or other assets to us. We add Gift Aid and hold or invest the funds for the future until donors ask us to send their donations to charitable causes around the world

• CAF Charitable Legacy Service: CAF offer an easy and flexible way to leave a gift in your Will to benefit as many charities as you like

• CAF Donor Advised Gift: A giving vehicle that lets you give occasional, large scale gifts to charity

• Impact Advisory Service: Strategic, evidence-based advice that makes giving more impactful

Personal philanthropy advice

For our private philanthropy clients our tailored advice makes giving straightforward, targeted, and reduces their financial risk. We support them with advice on:

• Tax effectiveness of gifts: Including cash, shares, non-cash assets and third party entities

• Legacies: Gifts in Wills and succession planning

• Investments: What is and isn't possible and how they can be involved

• Charitable purposes: Guidance on what qualifies as a charitable gift

• International giving: Regulations that need to be considered when giving overseas

• Next generation philanthropy: Including family philanthropy

For the wealth advisor community

We help wealth advisors meet the philanthropy needs of their clients. Through our giving solutions, advisory services and events, they are best positioned to strengthen relationship with clients and grow their business.

Our wealth advisor partners call on us for our philanthropy expertise and services. We offer them effective donor advised giving solutions without the cost of establishing them inhouse.

For dual UK and US taxpayers

Our CAF American Donor Fund allows dual UK-US taxpayers to claim eligible UK and US tax relief on their giving. A clear understanding of the regulatory environment around cross-border giving means that dual UK-US taxpayers are able to turn to the CAF American Donor Fund for knowledgeable, safe and efficient ways to grant money to the charities and causes delivering on a vast array of missions and lend their support to people and causes as diverse as the world itself.

The CAF American Donor Fund offers a range of benefits including:

• We can help your dual UK-US taxpayer clients claim eligible UK and US tax relief on all their global giving, including adding 25% through UK Gift Aid where applicable

• With over 20 years' experience, we're the market leader in offering philanthropy services for dual UK and US taxpayers

• Our team of specialists in the UK and US handle all of the administration and compliance, allowing your clients to focus on the causes they wish to support

• Our team offers a philanthropy advisory service, helping your clients discover the most impactful causes within the areas they are passionate about

• Donors can give cash, appreciated securities or other non-cash assets such as property and artwork

• If your clients move back to the US or the UK from their current base, they can continue to use CAF as their giving partner

• Your clients can view information and make requests from their fund on any device, wherever they are and whenever they wish


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