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Forging close relationships with families in the UK and internationally, Think Tutors are focused on cultivating minds to build confidence and think without limits. They are a clear voice in a sea of noise, providing unrivalled academic tuition, advisory and profound mentoring in equal measure.

Each student thinks independently, which is why Think Tutors create a bespoke and actionable approach for every client they work with. Their philosophy is that academic fulfilment and admissions success begins with building confidence with the subject matter itself and by nurturing each student to think critically and find creative solutions to seemingly complex problems.

With headquarters in Mayfair, their team of trusted advisors, elite professional tutors and mentors are poised to present innovative solutions to unique educational challenges.

Expert Advisory

Advisors at Think Tutors begin by understanding the client's needs as a family, and ultimately the ambitions of their child.

The Educational Advisory Department consult a carefully selected group of professional tutors and mentors from their elite network to discuss the aims and expectations of the family. This often includes a thorough consultation with their in-house expert admissions advisors if school or university entry is being considered.

Following the initial consultation phase, Think Tutors compile a shortlist of professional tutors and mentors, enabling the client to have the ultimate choice in a decision which could be pivotal in a child's development. With an onboarding process unrivalled in thoroughness, clients can rest assured the tutor or mentor they provide is passionate for their subject and can deliver expert tuition or mentorship in an engaging and professional manner.

Having worked closely with Family Offices throughout their time in the sector, Think Tutors are well equipped to prepare the 'NextGen' of business leaders for the unique challenges of business ownership, wealth creation and retention through pioneering education plans. Working with a wide range of clientele, Think Tutors are acutely aware of the diversity of requirements and challenges associated with facilitating an elite education. As a result, every request is accommodated by James Mitchell and the team. From private jets to fly students to a Geography lesson in the French Alps, to a private chef to cook meals for their student athletes, Think Tutors consistently leverage a comprehensive network of luxury service providers to assure unmatched client satisfaction.

Professional Tutors and Mentors

Think Tutors have built a strong and extensive network of highly talented, exceptional tutors and mentors who can offer support at each level of the educational system, from younger years to doctoral research candidates.

All of their tutors and mentors have obtained an exceptional Bachelor's degree as a minimum, with the majority having pursued postgraduate degrees in their specialist fields, in addition to over 5 years of full-time experience as professional tutors. They know first-hand what it takes to strive for academic excellence.

In a concerted effort to set the standard for professionalisation in the industry, Think Tutors have a community of elite professional tutors and mentors who share the value they place in safeguarding. Their tutors and mentors are carefully selected for their ability to efficiently identify gaps in the students' understanding and focus on resolving these to deliver superior results.

At the heart of their approach is an onboarding process unequalled in its thoroughness. Before they are considered to work with a client, all tutors and mentors are subject to a comprehensive application process which can be found on their website.

Think Tutors have set the standard for tutor and mentor professionalisation throughout the tuition industry, seeking to cultivate a trusted and tight-knit community of elite educators who can be relied upon to deliver unrivalled excellence.


Berkeley Square House, 35 Berkeley Square London, W1J 5BF United Kingdom

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