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Aaron Bundy

Spear’s Review

Aaron Bundy, trial and appellate lawyer at Bundy Law, says that his focus is always centred around credibility: ‘the credibility of the client, the cause, and the lawyer’. He specialises in a range of matters including pre-nups, complex property matters, intellectual property, gestational agreements, artwork, livestock and both qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation. 

Having completed his advocacy training at the National Family Law Trial Institute, Bundy is renowned for his expertise in negotiation, trial, and appellate work. He is consequently certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and is also a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. 

One of Bundy’s clients leaves him a glowing review and says that 'he really listens to your situation, applies the law, and wins for you in the courtroom.’

Adviser’s Profile

Aaron advises and represents high-net-worth professionals, entrepreneurs, and spouses in contested domestic relations matters. Many of his cases involve complex issues including jurisdictional disputes, valuation of diverse assets, and spousal support claims. Aaron also has significant experience in child custody and parental rights matters. 

He is viewed as a leading divorce practitioner in the Midwestern United States. His passion lies in trial work. He recognises that every client has unique needs and goals and that alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation can be highly cost-effective and ensure maximum privacy. However, Aaron believes that clients are best positioned for optimal settlement if their cases are viewed from a trial-preparation approach early on. He refers to this philosophy as ‘Peace through strength’. 

His peers recognise his advocacy skills, and he is board-certified for family law trial work by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Aaron emphasises credibility in all aspects of his practice: the credibility of the client, the case, and the lawyer. In his view, the lawyer and the client who are believable and trustworthy have the best chance of success at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. 

Bundy Law Office consists of six attorneys, two of whom are fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. The law office has become one of the most prominent family law-focused law firms in western Oklahoma and eastern Arkansas in the last few years. Aaron attributes the firm’s growth to its focus on communication and customer service. As the firm’s founder and head of operations, he has overseen the implementation of client-friendly systems that are commonly found at other service providers yet remain foreign concepts for most law offices.

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