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Shirley Coe

Spear's Review

At Weatherbys Private Bank, Shirley Coe, senior private banker, specialises in asset management, liquidity management, mortgage lending, inheritance tax planning, investment management, portfolio management, and financial advisory. Her long and impressive list of skills is revered throughout the industry in addition to her much-applauded role as a mentor and 'vocal advocate for empowering women in finance.' 

Coe previously served as a director at Coutts where she utilised her knowledge in financial planning and wealth management to provide exceptional service and expertise to her vast array of clients. At Coutts, Coe was also responsible for co-founding the Coutt's Women Network, a foundation centred on the financial empowerment of women. 

Her colleagues and peers alike laud her skillset with the director of Weatherbys praising Coe's 'immense experience working with private clients and a proven track record for business development.'

Rank: Recommended

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