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Sofia Syed

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Reputation manager and employment lawyer Sofia Syed advises her HNW clients in all aspects related to their households. She guides them through the recruitment, management and termination of staff such as butlers, close protection officers, private chefs, household and estate managers, nannies, chauffeurs and housekeepers. Syed also advises on their business affairs when required, as well as throwing herself into extracurricular activity such as speaking events, article contributions and seminars.

Reputation management is a huge part of Syed’s role. Her employment law practice entails drafting bespoke contracts, NDAs and confidentiality agreements to protect clients’ privacy, as well as seeking anonymity and restricted reporting orders when cases are litigious, and providing specialist guidance on reputation management throughout her handling of any case.

Adviser Profile

My role does not fit into a neat box,' says Sofia Syed - an employment lawyer and partner at Keystone Law. 'I’m often described by my clients’ as their ‘personal lawyer and friend.'

Many of Syed's clients are well-known individuals whose personal affairs can fuel media interest.

'I act fast to mitigate the risks and manage the situation. Confidentiality and reputation preservation is always top on my agenda,' she says. While most of Syed's clients find her by referral, or initially to seek advice on employment issues related to their staff, they usually stay with her for all issues.

'Understanding my client’s needs is essential, so I can quickly and efficiently deal with the issue in hand or refer them to selected providers and colleagues as required,’ adds Syed. ‘Keystone has an exceptional range of specialists who I can call upon if clients need a discreet piece of advice.’

Syed deals with a range of requests, from advising on jury service exemptions to seeking bodyguard references, advising on polygraph testing when instructing private investigators for theft in a private household or dealing swiftly with matters where ex-employees are trying to extort large sums of money post termination or indeed defending serious allegations against her clients in the employment tribunal.

As well as advising on employee status and drafting specialist household staff agreements such as for close protection, governess’ or butlers, Syed also advises on matters relating to on-going staff management. 'If there is a problem with household staff, it is inevitably personal.

‘My clients might feel suffocated by a nasty situation at home,' Syed tells Spear's. 'A deep understanding of my clients' personal situation and motivations, coupled with years of specialist experience, helps me to provide them with structured solutions to relieve the personal stress clients may be feeling’.

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