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Philip Grindell

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When Philip Grindell retired from the police in 2019, having led the effort to protect MPs after the death of Jo Cox, he set up Defuse to safeguard high-profile individuals and corporations from physical, reputational and psychological harm.

Grindell combines protective intelligence, behavioural science and rigorous data analysis in order to keep his clients safe and eliminate the anxiety caused by intimidation and threats, carefully building bespoke packages for each client based on their individual circumstances.

Defuse recruits from GCHQ and police protection units. Grindell has been described by Baroness Sharmishta Chakrabarti as an ‘expert in respect of threats to public and high-profile figures and managing risk through practical solutions’.

Adviser Profile

Philip helps clients take the guesswork out of protecting their privacy, reputation, and safety.

Founding the consultancy Defuse in 2019, he specialises in identifying and countering threatening and concerning behaviours and unwanted attention from problematic and fixated people to private and prominent clients.

Philip has been described as “honest and straight-talking and does what he says he will do: there is no fuss, no drama, and no false expectations”.

Philip’s team includes researchers and analysts from counterterrorism and British Intelligence together with globally recognised forensic psychologists to deliver state-grade intelligence and proven behavioural threat assessment and management processes to solve problems and give clients peace of mind.

As a Counter Terrorist Security Coordinator, he coordinated security plans protecting events attended or held by the British Royal Family, Military, and the Government.

Philip was chosen to set up and run a new team in Parliament following the assassination of Jo Cox MP. Tasked with protecting British MPs from threats, abuse, and reputational harm, he was personally responsible for identifying the indicators that prevented an attack on a serving MP.

Following years of working with Members of Parliament and other high-profile individuals, there are few if any other individuals in the country with the experience of Philip in this field of work.

Philip remains the pro-bono security consultant to the Jo Cox Foundation and her family.

He launched ‘The Defuse Podcast’ in 2022, bringing together globally renowned experts to discuss the latest research and practices that ensure the safety of private clients, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

Philip has an MSc in Security Management and is a Chartered Security Professional (CSyP).

Rank: Top Recommended

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