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Nichole Farrow is a mindset coach specialising in divorce and family dynamics. ‘I have the advice and support to help get people through this period of flux,’ she says.

Farrow says she helps clients ‘with everything from guaranteeing couples have an amicable divorce to respecting relationships and creating future success for families.

'I sincerely believe the stigma around divorce needs to change, and people need to realise it is a beginning,’ she adds.

A divorce coach can save HNW individuals money, time and mental stress, claims Farrow. ‘The costs of a bad divorce are exponential, from costly communication through solicitors, to repeating the same mistakes in new relationships, to losing touch with your children. But I really want to turn this tide around.’

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Nichole Farrow is one of the UK’s leading mindset coaches, specialising in supporting divorcing parents and complex blended families to attain the success they so richly deserve as a family – be it blended, extended or nuclear. 

She has a wealth of experience at dealing with complicated and high-conflict divorce cases. Renowned for her skills and top-level practice, she is well respected across the industry for having the skills to help parents focus on the bigger picture, putting them at ease and supporting them in dealing with difficult situations. Nichole retains a regular monthly slot on BBC 5 Live. She’s also known for her writings on mindset/divorce, and her guest appearances on various media programmes.  

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