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Investment management

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Financial Services

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United Kingdom

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Wealth adviser

Nicholas Hornby

Spear’s Review

Cerno Capital’s aims are simple, co-founder Nick Hornby tells Spear’s: to make investment uncomplicated, accessible and free of jargon. ‘In today’s climate we are approached by prospective investors with severe concerns about the geopolitical environment and domicile risks,’ says Hornby. ‘We aim to bridge these in common-sense ways.’

Cerno’s partnership culture enables its team to be long-term in their thinking, and enables investors to have regular access to the partners, delivering clients individual, round-the-clock attention. ‘We ensure that every investor is regularly updated on our thinking,’ says Hornby.

The firm also employs ‘a global, unconstrained and sustainable multi-asset approach’. ‘We guide clients to achieve their objectives by a deep understanding of their preferences, backed up by attentive service,’ says Hornby, a previous recipient of the Spear’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

Adviser Profile

Nicholas is a co-founder of Cerno Capital and manages several of the firm’s client portfolios.

Cerno Capital was founded in 2007 as a partnership by Nick Hornby and James Spence with the objective of providing exceptional investment management and service to clients. The word Cerno is originally from Latin, also modern Italian, and means ‘to select’.

The firm takes time to understand investment objectives, helping clients select investments to meet their needs. The partnership culture enables Cerno Capital to be long term in thinking, aligned with the interests of investors.

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2024, UHNW Wealth Managers

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