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Mark Borkowski

Spear’s Review

One of the country’s leading media analysts on topics of crisis and reputation, Mark Borkowski’s analysis of the Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein scandal was highly influential in shaping public understanding of the crisis facing the royal family. With public shaming of well-known voices for undesirable viewpoints – or ‘cancel culture’ – a developing area in the crisis and reputation industry, Borkowski’s services are more relevant than ever.

‘We know it is possible to “uncancel” a person or brand, but it requires time, patience, commitment to change and careful management of communications,’ he says.

Borkowski wields unrivalled relationships with decision-makers, opinion formers and media influencers.

Adviser Profile

For over four decades, Mark Borkowski has stood as one of the UK’s most sought-after advisors on crisis and reputation. His expertise has consistently proven invaluable, and he navigates high-profile individuals and brands through complex media storms, safeguarding their reputations during times of crisis. 

As the founder of Borkowski PR, Mark has cultivated more than your typical PR agency; it has evolved into a sanctuary for individuals and brands grappling with the relentless scrutiny of the twenty first century news cycle. Iconic figures like Jimmy Page and Terry Gilliam have turned to Mark, trusting him to protect their legacies with the same fervent dedication he extends to emerging talents. His reach extends beyond celebrity circles, with Mark regularly advising Britain’s top legal minds, seamlessly integrating PR strategies into high-stakes legal battles. 

Mark’s strength lies not only in his technical proficiency and extensive media network, but also in his empathetic approach. He recognises the human dimension of reputational crises, providing pastoral support alongside his strategic counsel, recognising the emotional toll exacted by such challenges. His foresight and undeniable influence over the news agenda empower clients to anticipate and mitigate potential risks, building reputational shelter before storm clouds gather. 

Ultimately, Mark Borkowski’s distinction lies not in simply reacting to crises, but in pre-emptively managing potential pitfalls with masterful anticipation and precision. He is more than a PR expert; he is a trusted confidant, offering unparalleled support and guidance to navigate turbulent waters with composure and integrity, ultimately steering his clients towards calmer shores.

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2024, Reputation Managers


South Wing, Somerset House, London, WC2R 1LA

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