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Jeremy Vaughan

Spear’s Review

Jeremy Vaughan is managing director at Hampden & Co, an institution that in 2015 became the UK’s newest private bank – the first for three decades. Its short history has been defined by a decision to eschew wealth management or general investment advice to focus firmly on offering personal, professional banking services to HNW clients and their families.

Vaughan told Spear’s that 2024 got off to a flying start. ‘The bank has grown considerably in the last 12 months and is seeing continual demand for the services it offers. We were getting referrals a year ago, and that’s now translating to the bank having grown substantially,’ he said. ‘But it’s not just the services we provide that have spurred our growth, it’s also the style of the offering: the bespoke personalisation.’

Adviser Profile

Hampden & Co was established in 2015 and focuses exclusively on serving the banking needs of clients. The bank won the Spear’s Award for best UK private bank in 2018 and 2022. Jeremy Vaughan, Managing Director of Banking, puts the company’s success down to its focus on core banking activities. 

‘Banking in its truest sense is taking deposits, running current accounts, moving money around the world, lending money. By focusing on a client’s banking needs, we can work with their accountant, financial planner, tax adviser or solicitor.’

Intimate knowledge of this web of advisers and a comprehensive view of clients’ finances enables Hampden & Co bankers to make decisions often out of reach to high street banks. 

‘Part of the attraction of joining the bank was being able to design the client proposition. Many high-net-worth clients don’t fit the tick-box approach of mainstream banks. We seek to understand a client’s finances holistically. I enjoy getting to know my clients well and supporting them over the long term.’

Hampden & Co places highly individualised client service above all other values. Every client has a dedicated personal banker with a team of assistants dealing with everyday transactions. New recruits are selected for experience with complex financial structures, making them more able to deal with the network of specialist advisers many HNWs make use of. 

Jeremy started his career with NatWest, moving to the private banking division of Hill Samuel in 1988 before joining Adam & Company in 1997. Now, as Managing Director, Banking at Hampden & Co, he ensures the team delivers an exceptional experience for clients. 

‘Clients tell me a call to us is not a call they’re apprehensive about making. They know they can just make one call.’

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