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Jason Stather-Lodge

Spear’s Review

‘My approach to advising clients is threefold,’ says OCM founder, CEO and CIO Jason Stather-Lodge. ‘Clarity in strategy, value in regard to charges and delivery on performance.’

A former military engineer who founded OCM with his wife, Maggie, in 2004, Stather-Lodge now sits at the helm of a firm reporting on almost £800 million of clients’ assets. Pivotal to its success has been its Outcome Based Investing approach which the company has hailed as ‘groundbreaking’.

‘Our clients are looking for someone who understands their needs,’ Stather-Lodge stresses. ‘Most importantly, they are looking for someone who cares.’ 

Adviser Profile

Jason Stather-Lodge is the founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of OCM Wealth Management, and is a qualified Chartered and Certified Financial Planner, Investment Manager and Tax Specialist. He first started the business in 2004 and has worked tirelessly over the past years to create what OCM has become today.

The firm currently reports on some £790 million of clients' assets, of which around £540 million are managed on a discretionary basis. This includes 450 families and trusts dealing directly with Stather-Lodge and his colleagues and 375 from third party IFA firms who use OCM's discretionary portfolio services via its Asset Management division.

With over 25 years' experience in Asset and Wealth Management, he is widely recognised as one of the UK's leading Wealth Managers and was delighted to have received the award for 'Wealth Management CEO of the Year' at The City of London Wealth Management Awards 2021.

OCM has evolved from a bespoke IFA service with an integrated tax planning service to a full Discretionary Fund Management service. 'Our clients are looking for someone that understands their needs, where they are in the world and how they can manage that wealth, mitigate taxes and build an intergenerational plan. Most importantly, all families are looking for someone that they can trust.

His 'Outcome-Based Investing' (OBI) approach aims to manage the entirety of a client's financial affairs in a way that delivers an annualised return appropriate to their needs, circumstances, and risk profile. OBI emerged to counter what Stather-Lodge saw as an assumption that clients were expected to blindly invest their money and trust their adviser to make the most of it. Clients' experiences were negative, volatility was high, and outcomes were being missed. OBI was intended to counter these trends and restore the old ethos of 'focusing on the client'.

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