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Deborah Eaton KC

Spear’s Review

Deborah Eaton of 1 King’s Bench Walk, the KC at the top of many lists when children law matters are at stake, covers everything from abduction to the length of time parents spend with their children or the country they live in. Her areas of expertise include internal and external relocation – in K v K she helped to shape the way international relocation cases are dealt with – parental alienation, substance abuse, mental health and education issues. 

‘You have to be ready for any case to go off like a catherine wheel at any stage,’ she says. ‘All bases have to be covered, because these clients pay a lot of money for your time and the best advice possible.’

And away from the courtroom? ‘My family is pretty important to me,’ says Eaton. ‘And I’ve got the best dog in the world – he’s called Hector. Don’t you think that’s a great name for a barrister’s dog?’

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2023, Family Law Barristers

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