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David Imison

Spear’s Review

Partner and chief executive David Imison has spent more than 10 years at Schillings leading and developing its advisory offering, which has grown from a standing start to a team of 30-plus client advisers. ‘I wear two hats,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘The first involves helping our largest clients solve reputation and privacy problems; the other entails transforming the firm from a traditional law firm to a multidisciplinary reputation and privacy practice.’ 

Imison leads the firm’s intelligence and investigations and critical risk arms, and specialises in guiding his clientele through situations that are nuanced and potentially controversial.

Adviser profile

David is a leading reputation and privacy risk advisor. Much of his work is for individuals and businesses operating in challenging markets, where issues are complex and often politically exposed.

David’s role is to help clients navigate the risks stemming from disputes, controversies and crises. His work involves developing strategies to exert control over difficult situations where there are often varied and competing interests from parties including: competitors, the media, governments, NGOs and financial counterparties.

A former Big 4 Executive Advisor, David is a Certified Member of the Institute of Risk Managers (CMIRM) and a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP).

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