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David Hawkins

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‘“Charming” will be written on his gravestone,’ says one client of David Hawkins, founder of Cliveden Advisory.

Working primarily with UHNWs, cultural institutions, corporates and governments, Cliveden uses the arts and technology to deliver ‘cultural and nation branding’.

Hawkins says Cliveden provides ‘strategy, delivery and unique personalisation,’ and is ‘the leader in developing art and business partnerships’. These partnerships are the basis for marketing campaigns, corporate events, art festivals and media campaigns. ‘Brands – and I include UHNWs as brands – are looking for unique experiences, but also greater opportunities to collaborate,’ says Hawkins. ‘Arts and culture are the surest foundation to do this.’

Hawkins also co-founded Percheron Advisory with Irina Curbelo. The firm provides consultancy services with a focus on the risks facing family businesses – including 'how the family business is conflicted or supported by the family dynamic'.

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