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Ceri Griffiths

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Financial planner Ceri Griffiths came to Spear’s by a recommendation from a senior divorce lawyer, who speaks in enthusiastic terms about the value of her services to their clients. Griffiths’ boutique practice, Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning, specialises in supporting women through the process of divorcing from a richer partner. It is a partner business of St. James’s Place Private Clients

‘You might be making progress with your divorce and have a legal team looking at potential settlement offers, but you don’t know how to know if this deal will work for you,’ says Griffiths, outlining the typical scenario in which clients seek her help. ‘It often seems like a huge decision, and you want to be sure you don’t get this wrong.’ 

To help her clients navigate through the separation process, she uses the ‘WISE’ methodology, a bespoke approach which involves improving the client’s financial confidence, helping them to articulate the objectives they hope to gain from the divorce, analysing and deconstructing financial offers made by their former partner, and assisting them through investment decisions upon receipt of the desired post-divorce sum.

Griffiths won the 2023 Spear’s Award for Private Client Innovation of the Year.

Adviser Profile

Ceri Griffiths is a Financial Planner who helps some of the UK’s wealthiest women as they enter into divorce. 

She has been a financial adviser for over 20 years. She is both Chartered and Fellow, but in addition to this she also holds Financial Abuse and Narcissism Qualifications. 

Ceri is a multi-award-winning adviser, with her focus on highlighting inequity and raising the profile of pensions on divorce. She has been recognised in the Nation of Women Awards, Empowerment Category 2021, Mo2vate Magazines Inspirational Women 2021, Financial Adviser of the Year 2021 and Women of the Year – Highly Commended – Vulnerable Clients 2022 in the Women in Financial Advice awards. 

Her mission is to remove financial vulnerability and disadvantage for divorcing women, but she also stands for much more than this. Her business plan and objectives run along the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Gender Equality and Quality Education. She is the host of a YouTube channel providing a valuable resource for divorcing women, and a podcast that explores how everyday women think and feel about feminism. 

At the forefront of the Ultra High Net Worth and High Net Worth divorce world, Ceri is well known and a frequent speaker on legal and financial podcasts, sharing insights into the unique problems that can arise in wealthy divorces. 

Combining empathy, excellent communication and expertise, Ceri is able to ensure high net worth women feel on a level playing field during divorce and are able to make informed decisions about the money in the marriage. 

On working exclusively with women divorcing CEOs, Ceri shares, ‘Having the depth of knowledge and understanding I do in one field ensures the most elite support for my clients. It’s enabled me to become an absolute specialist and uniquely placed to understand the likely problems and solutions my clients will face.’

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