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Dr Catrin Bevan

Spear’s Review

With more than three decades of clinical expertise to her name, Dr Catrin Bevan is a trusted practitioner who leads a highly-skilled team covering the full range of women’s health issues, from contraception and reproduction to sexual health, gynaecology and screening services.

As a GP, Bevan acts as a safeguarding lead and steward for The London General Practice’s women's health programme, which endeavours to provide same-day appointments where patients can access comprehensive support. Typically, patients spend an average of half an hour discussing their care options with practitioners, before accessing personalised testing, treatments and advice in a welcoming yet highly-professional environment. 

Aside from her work within the NHS, Bevan’s varied career has seen her practise in the American Hospital in Paris and in the Middle East.

Adviser Profile

Dr Catrin Bevan leads the Harley Street clinic’s comprehensive women’s health programme, which provides a personalised testing, treatment and advice for women of all ages, ‘in an open, friendly and supportive environment’. A GP with over 20 years’ experience and expertise in the field, Dr Bevan and her team of highly skilled practitioners cover the full range of women’s health issues, from contraception and reproduction to sexual health, menopause and general gynaecology. ‘Knowing my patients is of paramount importance,’ she says, adding that attention to detail and adherence to clinical guidelines while carrying out the most suitable screening and treatment are vital elements to providing excellent service. 

She is proud of the clinic’s well-woman screening service, which encourages ‘proactive, preventative healthcare informed by regular screening and tests’. This includes everything from bone density examinations to mammogram and genetic screening, a wide range of tests which she says are not always routinely available or easy to access on the NHS. Dr Bevan’s team provide a hands-on, 24-hour ‘round the clock’ care for its patients, which include celebrities, family offices and corporate clients. ‘A health screen takes far less than a day out of your year, but gives you 365 days’ peace of mind,’ the clinic reminds patients.

Besides receiving ‘first-class care’, patients can expect holistic guidance for women of all ages. ‘We’re a discreet, friendly and understanding service,’ combining ‘technologically advanced medical testing and diagnostics’ with lifestyle advice to ensure ‘a healthier and happier life’. 

‘Whether you are a teenager with acne or a menopausal woman experiencing weight gain and hot flushes, we can provide physical, mental and emotional support, medical treatments and evidence based advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise to bring optimal health within easy reach.’ 

Dr Bevan has been a registered doctor for over 30 years and originally qualified from St Bartholomew’s medical school in 1985. In addition to her work in the UK’s NHS, she has also worked in the American hospital in Paris, the Middle East and in Poland for the Red Cross. 

She was also an emergency doctor and worked in private practice in Bermuda. From 1999 to 2013 she was a Principle in a large NHS general practice in Surrey. Her particular specialities are inter alia women’s health, including teenage problems, contraception, the menopause and psychosexual counselling. 


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