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Catherine Bedford

Spear's Review

Catherine Bedford took her entire team with her when she moved from the family department at Lee & Thompson – that she established – to Harbottle in 2017.

She has been called a ‘future Queen Bee’ by one KC, but tells Spear's she would rather be known for elevating those who work with her. Bedford is recognised for her deep knowledge of all areas of family law, her ability to avoid the courts when required and tough litigating style when called upon, and her emotional intelligence when it comes to dealing with clients. But that doesn’t mean she’s unafraid to tell hard truths: ‘I’m not a lawyer who tells the client what they want to hear.’

Awarded Lawyer of the Year - Family Law at the 2022 Spear's awards, Bedford is a go-to choice for UHNWs who wish to get through a divorce cleanly. ‘It is a privilege to lead a team like this, which is now at the forefront of family law’, Bedford tells Spear’s.

Adviser Profile

Catherine’s reputation in the industry is on a clear and steady upward trajectory, commanding respect from senior peers and high profile clients. Not only is Catherine a highly-skilled and strong lawyer, she is deeply empathetic; clients feel listened to and understood, describing her as ‘unflinchingly loyal’. 

She is both tactical and indefatigable, providing strong and safe hands regardless of how uncompromising the other side may be: ‘Our aim is to do the best for every client; the more challenging the case, the greater motivation we have to roll up our sleeves and think outside the box’. 

Catherine’s main practice comprises complex, high-value international divorces and challenging intractable children disputes which she cuts through.

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2023, Family Lawyers

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