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Camilla Baldwin

Spear’s arrives at Camilla Baldwin’s offices on a rainy day, instantly comforted by the plush sofas. The boutique’s personable founder is perennially busy, juggling high-value divorces with pro-bono work. Her charity, Not Beyond Redemption, provides support for imprisoned women facing legal difficulties concerning their children. 

‘We represent women in court, or legally, to help them through the court process, see their kids in some capacity, or try and appeal adoption orders,’ Baldwin says. ‘Our big thing is we don't just act when they're in prison, we do things for them until their kids are 16… it means that you've got somebody who's there for them.’ 

Through her international family law practice Camilla Baldwin, Baldwin frequently supports the spouses of billionaires who, while successful in business, often cannot deal with matrimonial strife and the emotional pain accompanying divorce. ‘Love is very close to hate. So if you really love someone, and you fall out, then quite often people really hate each other,’ she says. 

She also reflects on how things have changed in family law. ‘It was much more adversarial, when I started out. You know, everyone was in court the whole time,’ she says. ‘Everything was much more litigious, much more upsetting for the clients, I would say. And over time, there's been a big drive towards mediation and trying to resolve things’. 

Baldwin also says that having her own experience of divorce, before reuniting with her husband, has given her ‘enormous insight into how not to do it’.

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