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Alex Hulbert

Spear’s Review

Director and Chief Operating Officer at Schneider, Alex Hulbert is ‘the brains behind’ its various litigation funding products. The licensed solicitor is, according to the firm, someone who is able to ‘pre-empt the requirements of the market and proactively steer’ its solutions to match the complex requirements of both lawyers and their clients. 

Hulbert’s typical cases are often difficult, lengthy and require large loans. An example of a particularly complex situation the firm handled was the case of Mrs C, who was in ‘difficult litigation circumstances’ and required multiple loans to progress. After providing an initial litigation loan of £1.9 million, the firm also managed to cover further litigation and living expenses which accumulated to £4.8 million over five years. ‘We were with her every step of the journey,’ the firm says. In this vein, Hulbert’s work echoes the firm’s ethos. He tells Spear’s that he believes strongly in litigation funding as a mechanism to ‘providing people with access to justice’.

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Top Recommended 2023, Litigation Funding

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