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Based in New York and offering remote services to wherever they are needed, Christopher Rim's Command Education agency is one of the premier organisations in the US for finding the right college for a child and making sure they are offered a place.

With an encyclopedic knowledge of the requirements of top US colleges and the characteristics of elite schools, Rim and his team match up prospective applicants with the courses that would be the best fit for them and offer tutoring and coaching services to help them achieve their objectives.

He told Spear's: 'We help these kids get into top Ivy League schools, we support them from start to finish throughout the entire process.'

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Command Education has been named the 'nation's leader in college admissions consulting' for its success in mentoring students to discover their guiding passions and earn admission to their dream schools 

Founder and CEO Christopher Rim established Command Education to empower students to develop their interests and build standout admissions profiles. The firm's full-time Senior Mentors—graduates of Ivy League and top schools— help students build dynamic passion projects that deepen their engagement with their interests and positively impact communities. Command Education students are not just class presidents—they are award-winning nonprofit founders, community organisers, political activists, and entrepreneurs.

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