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Maria Scotland

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‘The one thing my clients always tell me is that I’m not like other barristers,’ Maria Scotland of 5 St. Andrew’s Hill says. ‘I speak plain English.’ 

Scotland tells Spear’s that since beginning her career in family law almost three decades ago, she has placed emphasis on the importance of clearly communicating to clients and ensuring they understand the proceedings that lie ahead, whether that be a financial remedy matter or an abduction case.

Aside from the expertise she brings to the table, Scotland – who is deputy head of chambers and head of the family team at her firm – says that her clients benefit from the unique offering of her chambers, which boasts experts in criminal law as well as family matters. ‘A lot of our cases are related to CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] investigations,’ she explains.

Scotland says that it’s not uncommon for people who are being extradited or investigated by CPS to be grappling with the breakdown of a marriage at the same time. In these cases, individuals often require family law and criminal law advice in tandem.


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