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Natasha Silver Bell

Spear’s Review

A leading figure in the recovery landscape for more than a decade, Natasha Silver Bell founded the New York-based SilverBell Global (SBG) in 2012, bringing treatments for difficult conditions such as depression, eating disorders and life transitions to UHNW families across the world, from London to Dubai and beyond.

The firm cites a particular focus on interrupting ‘revolving-door syndrome’, where clients have experienced a series of unsuccessful rehabs and treatments.

SBG takes care in selecting the coaches and clinicians it collaborates with, saying that the average professional it partners with ‘is vetted over three to six months with an extensive background check, reference check and interviews with several key SBG members’.

Silver Bell is also the co-founder and CEO of Due North Quest, placing young men in search of direction with US Navy Seals to partner on worldwide humanitarian relief projects.

Advisor Profile

SilverBell Global boldly champions the importance of developing spiritual depth and holistic inner intelligence to sustain long-term health and healing. Whether providing private Concierge Care, Recovery Coaching, Immersive Companions, Crisis Management, or Intervention, SBG works at the highest levels of discretion and integrity, offering UHNW clients and their families unparalleled confidence and peace of mind.

CEO and founder Natasha Silver Bell is a driving force in transforming the recovery landscape. An established expert in substance use disorder and recovery for over a decade, Natasha sits on the board of the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (NCADD), and serves as an Ambassador for Partnership to End Addiction. Drawing upon her mastery of transformative treatment,  Natasha recently co-founded Inservice Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization funding concierge-level recovery plans for beneficiaries without access to customized treatment models proven effective for long-term, sustained recovery.

With global headquarters in New York City and anchors in London, Dubai, France, Sweden, and Los Angeles, SBG's customised approach integrates personal, one-on-one support with a clinical care team providing physiological/psychological treatment and expertise. SBG creates, facilitates, and navigates individual healing plans for each client.

Rigorously trained and vetted Coaches / Companions forge deep, authentic connections with clients and families, serving as beacons of hope, acceptance, and change. Coaches are carefully matched with clients based on shared life experiences, nurturing a voyage toward empowerment and self-reliance.

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