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Stephanie Brobbey

Spear’s Review

Stephanie Brobbey was a successful private wealth lawyer at Goodman Derrick who rose through the ranks after joining the firm in 2009. There was talk of her ascending to partnership, but in 2018 she learned there were more food banks in the UK than McDonald’s restaurants. 

The realisation led to a fork in her career path, and Brobbey switched from her role as a lawyer helping UHNWs protect their assets to helping them use their wealth for social good. She set up the Good Ancestor Movement in 2021 to help clients understand how they can best mobilise their riches to support causes they are close to, such as grassroots movements, affordable housing and climate-resilient projects. 

Brobbey says her consultancy works on a flat-fee basis to examine investment portfolios and educate clients about creating a fairer economic system. The firm offers an alternative to most of the private wealth industry, which she says is designed to ‘accumulate wealth, however excessive’. 

‘[There] is certainly the spirit of activism, because it’s fundamentally about pursuing justice.’

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2023, Power List

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