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Chrissie Cuming Walters

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Chrissie Cuming Walters had an unusual start in the world of family law: addressing the court in her own no-fault divorce from a position of what she calls ‘near homelessness’. Four years later, she was in front of a district judge of the principal registry of the family decision: this time on behalf of a paying client. She is now a partner in the family department of leading law firm Keystone.

A dual-qualified solicitor of England and Wales, and a US attorney-at-law, Cuming Walters supports HNW and UHNW clients with cases before the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, High Court, County Courts and magistrates. Based on her own experience, she seeks to take a pragmatic approach, coupling this with empathy, emotional intelligence and an understanding of clients' needs.

Adviser Profile

After decades of staunch resistance to being placed into a proverbial box, Cuming Walters’ unique skillset as a high-level family law practitioner is now well-recognised. Cuming Walters is frequently heralded as both ‘fierce’ and a ‘maverick’ by her peers and is fast becoming the go-to practitioner to ‘fix it’ where others haven’t.

Cuming Walters has organically grown her practice and reputation by bringing a truly fresh approach to family law practice. Drawing on a wealth of diverse personal and professional experiences, as well as teams of third-party professionals to assist clients where needed, Cuming Walters’ holistic, empowering, client- and outcomes-focused service is second to none: fighting where necessary; agreeing where practical; and helping clients to see relationship breakdown as an opportunity to build a new future for themselves and their children. Cuming Walters’ clients are immensely grateful for the positive impact she has on their lives.

Cuming Walters has earned resounding client testimonials, with one describing her as ‘top tier’ and claiming they ‘couldn’t have had a better lawyer’. Another says that, since contacting Cuming Walters, they ‘feel for the first time that I can really do this and move on to a better and happier life.’ Another described her name as 'like gold dust to my family’, while a further client adds, ‘You have truly changed my life in ways I was told by other lawyers was not possible.’

Rank: Recommended

Recommended 2022, Family Lawyers

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