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Susan Apthorp

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A family law specialist within Keystone Law, Susan Apthorp is praised by clients and colleagues alike for her around-the-clock work ethic and dedication to the job. In the words of one industry commentator, a senior family lawyer, ‘if you work with her, you have to step up your game’.

Apthorp has extensive experience and a record of litigating at the highest levels, evidenced by her reported cases. She is known for high and UHNW divorces, but a significant part of her practice involves children with complex medical needs. Prior to her move to Keystone, the straight-talking Apthorp spent more than a decade as a partner at Sears Tooth, another of London’s most formidable family practices.

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Susan Apthorp’s ‘just gets on with it’ ethic has made her a popular choice of lawyer for those going through international ultra-high-net-worth breakups. At any given moment, the Keystone Law partner is likely to be up and working on ‘whatever time zone her UHNW clients are based in’.

‘Susan Apthorp can be a ferocious litigator when she needs to be but can also work in a collaborative way to assist her clients,’ one legal guide observes. Apthorp says her main strength is problem-solving and considers herself to be a ‘fixer’. She remarks that clients tend to stay in touch, letting her know how they and their children are faring over the years. ‘You don’t make friends with your clients, but the human connection is important. People say they don’t get emotionally involved in their cases, but lawyers who don’t care don’t run the extra mile.’

In recent years, her feminist principles have helped to shape her reputation ‘as someone to watch out for’. Her recent resounding success in the Court of Appeal in the case of Brack is a case in point, and she is always determined to ‘stand up to bullies’ – both clients’ spouses and other lawyers.

‘Press headlines about her tenacity and desire to get the deal her client wants, whatever that is, have secured her a loyal client base,’ says Keystone Law.

2021 has been an exceptionally busy time for Susan with her fighting for and securing jurisdiction in London for UHNW clients based in Monaco, California and Dubai, alongside a number of high profile divorces, international enforcement, relocation application and, increasingly, pre-nuptial agreements for international families. Susan and her team continue to give back, acting pro bono for cases that interest her and where funds are limited or she feels justice demands. Her robust pro bono practice is reflective of her genuine interest in law, work ethic and sense of community.

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