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Philip Harvey

Spear’s Review 

Phillip Harvey is a senior partner at Property Vision, an advisory firm for private clients who may be looking to buy prime real estate in London, the UK or overseas. 

Harvey joined Property Vision back in 2001 and initially specialised in country properties. However, as the company has grown, his role has changed.

He told Spear’s, ‘I don’t pigeon myself with country anymore, I tend to look after the biggest clients who may be looking to buy anywhere and help them to coordinate their searches, alongside growing the business internationally.’ 

The firm now operates in 12 territories across the world, including in Europe and the Caribbean. 

Adviser Profile

Following a brief flirtation with music management, Philip’s career started in commercial property and portfolio management before he moved to high value London residential sales. In 2001 he joined Property Vision, tasked with building the business in the southeast, before heading the country team in 2013 and stepping up to his current role as Senior Partner in 2018. 

‘We live in a world of fine margins,’ says Philip. ‘Understanding the qualitative factors which make one house truly world class, and another merely special, is a skill which can only be attained by getting out and seeing everything.’ Philip now looks after clients with the most significant budgets who want the best of the best and aren’t fixated on one location. In many ways the ‘it can be anywhere, it just needs to be special’ brief is a nightmare, but, if we know it exists, and might be achievable in a price range that suits the client, it is only a matter of time and diligent pursuit to achieve it. 

‘I need to hear what’s really important to the client to get as close to their perfect as possible. Whilst many think they want the same as others with their budget, that is not my experience. You only have to look at how people specify their supercars or yachts to see how individual people are, and houses are no different.’ 

Philip has worked for many truly remarkable people; however, he hopes that when on an active search with a client, they never doubt for a moment that his total focus is on them and their requirements. He only takes on clients he knows he can help, and his success rate is close to 100 per cent. ‘I never give up; helping people find their dream home is both a joy and a privilege. But, equally, the kick I get when we’ve achieved the seemingly impossible is what continues to drive me.’

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2024, Country/Rural Specialists


Property Vision, 8 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JN

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