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Charles Lewington

Spear’s Review

Charles Lewington, who was press secretary to then-prime minister John Major in the 1990s, is an expert in organisations’ vision, values and voice. ‘You have to think about how your thought leadership as a business might translate into consumer or stakeholder campaigns,’ the founder of Hanover explained. 

With social and environmental issues more prominent than ever, Lewington helps to turn this thinking into productive campaigns using either traditional media channels or, increasingly, digital and social media. ‘We provide media training and speech writing for business leaders, as well as LinkedIn profiling – a lot of business leaders want to improve their social media profile. It’s the full package,’ he said.

Hanover also has a large public affairs office, and does ‘a lot of heavy lifting policy work – drafting consultation and advising businesses on how they craft their message for a political audience’. 

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2024, Reputation Managers

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