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Journeys of learning, from frozen seas to private palazzi, created by the world's leading minds.

The Luminaire is the world's first bespoke travel company which specialises in accessible knowledge and enriching perspectives for curious travellers. We create personalised journeys to destinations across the globe in the company of some remarkable people - artists, naturalists, adventurers, historians, archaeologists – expert minds with a lifetime of experience in their field, each with captivating stories to tell. Our aim is to introduce a new generation to cultural and stimulating journeys by re-imagining what it means to learn through travel.

Our curiosity has breadth without limit, from delving into horology with one of the world's leading female watchmakers or discovering the life of Chopin with an acclaimed concern pianist, to unearthing treasures in Cairo with an archaeologist or joining one of the world's greatest photographers to explore his work and technique.


The experiences we create engender an awe at the majesty of nature - and instil in everyone who encounters it, an instinct to protect it. Guests might arrive enthusiasts - but they'll leave ambassadors, galvanised to share with everyone the magic of what they've seen, and the imperative to safeguard it for future generations.

The Luminaire Foundation embodies this belief. Its aim is to protect the legacy and longevity of the places, people, and objects we explore, providing cultural stewardship for future generations across three core pillars: natural conservation; cultural preservation; and education.

Carbon offsetting is built into every journey to compensate for emissions.


All of our experiences can be tailored in any way to meet the particular interests or requirements of each guest.

Our travel designers spend time with each guest to explore their interests and their passions. Together, they choose locations anywhere on earth, from the cultural hubs of Europe to the wilds of Patagonia, in order to bring these passions to life in the most visceral ways. An expert mind from our Guild is selected to join the journey, bringing with them a lifetime of experience in their field and a wealth of stories to tell.

The Luminaire shares private access, selects properties of historical or cultural provenance, and creates engaging and accessible ways to participate and learn, for a community of curious minds, young and old. In this way, The Luminaire ensures that the best of luxury travel meets unprecedented intellectual substance and exploration.

Contact our travel designers to share your passions and design your journey. | | @theluminairetravel

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