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Whether it’s a one-on-one travel experience with one of the world's most renowned photographers, exploring Antarctica with scientists or taking a journey through art, Adam Sebba’s clients are looking for unique experiences. The experienced CEO and co-founder of The Luminaire explains that he deliberately starts conversations with clients by being location-agnostic: ‘For us, it’s asking, “How do you want to feel when you’re travelling?”’

Sebba is also conscious of the needs of a new generation of travellers, who are passionate about learning and value ‘deep personalisation’. The company’s experiences have included respected experts, with recent excursions including expert art historians and an exclusive partnership with the Magnum photography agency offering the chance to explore with some of their top photographers. 

Adviser Profile

Adam Sebba is Chief Executive and co-founder of The Luminaire, a UK-based travel business which cultivates a deeper understanding of the world, designing experiences for curious and discerning travellers in the company of some remarkable people – artists, naturalists, adventurers, historians, archaeologists – each with a lifetime of experience in their field and captivating stories to tell.

Adam has worked over a 20-year career as a chief executive in luxury, travel and fashion. He has led a combination of both high-growth and venture- backed businesses and also the turnaround of more mature businesses. With five years on the screening committee of the Harvard Business Angels and being a Walpole Brands of Tomorrow Mentor for the innovative Suitcase magazine amongst his experience, Adam has previously worked in Diageo's early-stage VC arm, Distill Ventures, investing in premium spirits. Adam also ran the luxury fashion brand Antonio Berardi. He started his business career at the turnaround and strategy consulting firm AlixPartners.

The Luminaire designs experiences that are as individual as those they are created for, carefully crafted to protect the world for future generations, and inspiring others to do the same. The Luminaire Foundation provides cultural stewardship across three core pillars: natural conservation, cultural preservation, and education.

"We've built The Luminaire for a new archetype of traveller, who has a strong passion for knowledge, expects and values deep personalisation, and has a wide and eclectic range of interests" says Sebba. "Right now, there is no one offering substantive and accessible travel experiences to cater to that need."

"Our mission is to make intellectual travel cool, and we don't see anyone else doing that."

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