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Lawyers, strategic communications advisers, corporate and talent risk managers use Theseus to find solutions for threatening and obsessive individual quests, ‘causes’ and grudges.

We help reduce the human and financial impact of such behaviour. We equip clients with the understanding, tools and confidence to manage the associated risks.

Our team incorporates internationally respected forensic psychiatrists and psychologists – medical specialists whose professional expertise concerns the interface between aberrant behaviour, mental disorder, and the law - including those responsible for the development and operation of:

  • the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre [FTAC], the national threat assessment unit responsible for dealing with intrusive and threatening behaviour directed at senior politicians, members of the Royal Family and visiting heads of state
  • the Fixated Research Group
  • the National Stalking Clinic
  • the Stalking Threat Assessment Centre.

We complement clinical forensic and academic expertise with former FTAC case management and family office security experience. It is a unique and highly effective combination of skills, proven over years in complex corporate, legal and talent management settings.

Client Issues

Whether they affect a senior executive, family office, employee or acting, presenting, sporting, musical or literary talent, the issues Theseus is asked to advise on frequently present as:

  • Stalking or harassment
  •  Threats to harm in any way, including reputationally
  •  Libel and defamation
  •  Persistent unreasonable complaint
  •  Blackmail and extortion
  • Targeting, hacking and impersonation


1. Threat & Risk Assessment

Theseus case risk assessment reports makes sense of complexity and situations that can be both distressing and difficult to understand. They deliver an evidence-based view of risk and its management, providing assurance on decision-making and the confidence to act.

We assess risk in a variety of domains, including those of persistence, escalation, reputational harm, disruption and violence. As well as addressing key client concerns, our reports illuminate the more subtle questions of risk management, peculiar to each case and often crucial to successful resolution.

2. Case Management Support

Theseus brings a deep understanding of people and the experience of thousands of fixated risk cases to bear on our clients’ behalf. If necessary, we can assist with statutory liaison; family and victim liaison; investigation; crisis containment and case monitoring.

3. Training

The majority of online and offline communications received by individuals and brands in the public eye are legitimate and well-meaning. But some are intrusive, demanding, confused or threatening. Most such inappropriate communications are harmless, but some are not.

How should risk managers decide which communications require further action?

Theseus train in the use of the Communications Threat Assessment Protocol – 25 (CTAP-25), an evidence-based and reliable structured professional judgement tool designed to support the identification and initial assessment of concerning online and offline communications. CTAP-25 helps prioritise cases and focus attention on communication and contact evidentially more closely associated with unwanted safety, welfare and reputational outcomes.

Why Theseus?

In the private sphere, our fixated risk management experience and expertise are unsurpassed. Our opinion is authoritative, evidence-based and sought by senior legal and corporate risk managers around the world. Having designed and helped establish the model for managing public-figure stalking risk in the UK, our focus is equipping legal, corporate and talent risk managers with the tools, understanding and confidence to manage these risks in the private sector.

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