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Philip Allen

Spear’s Review

Theseus Risk’s Philip Allen has been the director of the fixated threat and risk management service since 2012.

His firm helps private clients, government ministers, business leaders and other figures in the public eye to see off any potential threats arising from nefarious actors, who might be engaging in obsessive behaviour that threatens online reputations or stalking.

The firm is made up of a team of highly experienced clinical psychologists and consultants who work to ‘reduce the human and financial impact of such behaviour’.

Previously, Allen worked within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on security infrastructure, and served as a Security Liaison Manager in the Royal Household.

Adviser Profile

Philip helps legal and strategic communications advisers when clients find themselves the focus of threatening and obsessive quests, ‘causes’ and grudges, particularly those that threaten reputations. 

Incorporating internationally respected forensic psychiatrists and psychologists, his practice adds value in cases where understanding of an individual’s likely response to legal management, their motivation or mental state appear material to successful resolution. He brings a deep understanding of people who disrupt personal and professional lives, whether in the context of persistent unreasonable complaint, the seeking of unwanted relationships, or the breakdown of intimate, family or business relationships.

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2024, Reputation Managers

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