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Sarah Hoskinson

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‘I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be a lawyer if I wasn’t a family lawyer,’ muses Sarah Hoskinson, who was made a partner at Burges Salmon in 2012 and has since built a stellar practice in London and Bristol. ‘Family law is all about people, and it’s that human element rather than the black letter of the law that gives it the edge.’ 

Despite her focus on the human side, Hoskinson is extremely well-versed in the intricacies of those ‘black letters’.

She is part of what she calls a lawyer’s ‘geek squad’, and is accredited as a specialist by Resolution in complex asset cases and pensions on divorce. She also finds time to give regular lectures at the International Academy of Family Lawyers, of which she is a fellow and co-chair of the pensions committee. 

Sarah is a member of the cross-disciplinary Pensions Advisory Group, recipients of Resolution’s John Cornwell Award for an outstanding contribution to family law.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2023, Family Lawyers

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