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‘Our purpose, as an organisation, is to be both good bankers and good citizens,’ explains Rennie Hoare, scion of the banking dynasty that began with the founding of C. Hoare & Co. in 1672. ‘The successful combination of these ideals has allowed us to thrive for 11 generations and stands us, we hope, in good stead for many more.’

As a partner of C. Hoare & Co. and the bank’s head of philanthropy, Hoare has successfully built upon the bank’s foundations, winning widespread recognition for his vision and energy: he was named Spear’s Philanthropy Adviser of the Year in 2019.

‘Discussions about philanthropy are an opportunity for us to hear what motivates customers and to understand their passions,’ he says.

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‘At C. Hoare & Co., we have always tried to seek out contemporary, innovative ways of responding to societal issues,’ says Rennie Hoare. ‘Through time, we have had a customer base that is massively interested in, and invigorated by, philanthropy and we have adapted along with our customers to meet emerging needs.’ 

In 2021/2022, the bank’s charitable trust, the Golden Bottle Trust, donated nearly £3 million to over 300 beneficiaries, while its pioneering donor advised fund, the Master Charitable Trust, has overseen donations of more than £200 million, with a significant increase in giving in recent years. ‘This shows the advantage,’ says Hoare, ‘of having like-minded customers who really step up when it counts.’

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