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Jane Sydenham

Spear's Review

Jane Sydenham started her career at Montagu Loebl Stanley before it was taken over by Robert Fleming. She joined Rathbones in 2001.

‘Clarity is needed and people really appreciate it,’ says the investment director. ‘Whether you act ethically and with principles, absolutely shapes the way everyone thinks about you. If you act with some integrity now, you’ll reap the rewards long-term.’ She specialises in the management of portfolios for individuals, family groups and their associated trusts, charities and pension funds.

Sydenham is regularly sought out by the media for comment, and has appeared on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 and Wake up to Money on BBC Radio 5. She also contributes to the FT, Times and other titles on issues relevant to private clients.

Adviser Profile

I aim to form strong relationships with individuals and family groups by taking a long term view of their circumstances and objectives. I believe that short term sales activity is the least effective way to form a relationship built on trust. The longer the relationship, the more obvious it becomes to any client if their adviser is not being candid and is therefore not acting in their best interests. It is extremely important to offer new ideas, but only where there is genuine value to add.

Bringing in high quality expertise to advise on financial and tax and estate planning is essential to ensure that the overall strategy for an individual or family is correct, and introductions made to appropriate specialists in fine art, wine, lending and other areas are really helpful when they are needed.

Providing investment solutions using all of the multi-asset expertise available in-house at Rathbones is the core of what I offer, and regular conversations with clients who want to have them to review progress, and to discuss the changing environment and the investment opportunities that are available are really important. I love to engage with clients in this way, particularly during this period of seismic change. Those conversations allow me to ensure I understand whether a client is happy, or whether there is more that I could be doing. This approach also helps me to contribute to the development of new offerings from Rathbones.

It is also very true to say that by looking after such interesting and successful clients over many years there is much that I have learned from them that has been useful to me as an investor too.

Above all, listening carefully to client needs and concerns rather than making assumptions and engaging with all members of a family builds trust.

Rank: Top Recommended

Top Recommended 2023, HNW Wealth Managers

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