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James Murray

Spear’s Review

James Murray of EY's  US/UK Cross Border team is seeing a growing need for US and UK tax advice due to the fact that both countries have constantly changing tax landscapes. On top of that, he notices a flight to quality, as he is increasingly being approached by those seeking ‘our more sophisticated advice and guidance’.

With further tax reform anticipated, there is an even greater need for these individuals to seek out such expertise. Murray sees this, once again, as an opportunity to ‘showcase our capabilities as the leading “dual handlers”’.

Murray is excited about positive changes to his team, telling Spear’s that bringing the best of the whole of EY to any client relationship ‘is a really powerful tool to have when looking to provide a full and rounded service’.

Adviser Profile

A guardian of the client-centric and collaborative culture Frank Hirth had forged since its inception over 40 years ago, James says the recent acquisition of the business by EY, now EY’s US/UK Cross Border team, was the perfect fit.

The coming together of two highly regarded firms with the same appetite to team together and grow provides for an exciting next phase for the business. The access to wider capabilities to offer clients will enable Murray and the team to remain as the market-leading US and UK tax practice in the UK. 

Murray has spent almost 20 years advising in the US-UK space, and has a reputation for helping navigate complexities whilst retaining a practical, solutions-driven approach in an easy-to-digest manner.

Recent years have seen Murray spend more time working with individuals in the financial services sector, in particular those in the fund manager space, and advising those impacted by changes to the carried interest legislation in the UK and the subsequent US and UK tax interactions. Many of his clients are exposed to tax in both countries as they have become deemed domiciled in the UK, so understanding the interaction between these jurisdictions is vital.

The secret to the business’ success is its unique grasp of the complexities of tax from both perspectives, especially as pressures mount from both sides of the Atlantic.

Rank: Top Recommended

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236 Grays Inn Road London, WC1X 8HB United Kingdom

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