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James Mitchell

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A graduate of the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, James Mitchell co-founded Think Tutors with Neil Ridley. Now executive director of the elite professional tuition and education advisory service, Mitchell is an expert on institutional admissions.

With more than 10 years of professional tutoring and mentoring experience (ranging from the pre-test at 11+ through to postgraduate level), Mitchell has developed a network of connections within the education sector, which he wields to help his clients. He forms close relationships with UHNW families in the UK and abroad, forming a bespoke strategy and actionable approach for each.

Adviser Profile

Working closely with UHNW individuals, Family Offices and the world’s leading educators, James is known for his ability to navigate clients through the complexities of the education system, providing a clear voice in a sea of noise. James is widely considered the authority on institutional admissions and leverages his extensive network of strategic connections within the education sector to assist families with school and university entrance. For ten years he has set the standard for tutor and mentor professionalisation throughout the tuition industry, seeking to cultivate a trusted and tight-knit community of elite educators who can be relied upon to deliver unrivalled excellence.

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Top Recommended 2023, Education


Berkeley Square House, 35 Berkeley Square London, W1J 5BF United Kingdom

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