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Eduardo Greghi

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Eduardo Greghi is CEO and chairman of The Kusnacht Practice, a leading treatment centre located on the shores of Lake Zurich and Geneva.

In addition to the drug and alcohol dependencies it was founded to treat, the centre now provides care for a range of conditions, including depression, trauma, burnout, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, anorexia and bulimia. Its restoration programme, Biomolecular Restoration and Rejuvenation (BIO-R®), is used for anti-ageing and detoxification.

‘The Kusnacht Practice was a rehabilitation centre treating addiction,’ he says. ‘However, in the last five years the practice has transformed, and we now treat a wide range of mental health disorders. With discreet, tailor-made medical services, our clients can be treated for both their psychological and physical disorders within one practice. So we are truly holistic.’

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Eduardo Greghi became CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors ofThe Kusnacht Practice in November 2018. A truly exceptional entrepreneur, business leader and ambassador for his company, Greghi combines his passionate work ethic with a warm-hearted approach - creating a truly inspirational role model for his team. Since joining the The Kusnacht Practice, he has focused his efforts on further developing the centre and its tailor-made programmes, as well as emphasising the absolute discretion that the Practice offers, from first contact through to treatment, discharg eand subsequent aftercare. Greghi has been instrumental in strengthening the presence of The Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland, extending the treatment programmes to now also be available in Geneva.

Whoever gets to know the 41-year-old Brazilian will quickly notice that, besides his official titles, Greghi above all takes on the role of a human leader of his team, and that is not a coincidence. He has succeeded in gathering a sensitive, friendly and professional team of leading specialists around the world. Greghi explains: 'As a business owner and entrepreneur, I am used to taking risks. You need to be courageous but also caring and inspirational to your team. Helping people to lead a healthier and happier life starts with caring for your own employees. This guiding principle has inspired me to maintain and promote the health and well-being of my team as well as my clients.I am convinced that this has a positive effect on the exceptional service delivered by our company and ultimately on the living standards of our clients post treatment - it is a truly holistic approach.'Greghi does not see his work as a job, he prefers to describe it asa way of life: What I do every day is a passion, a mission, a calling.

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