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Lake & Co was established by Dewey Atkins and Natasha Lake in 2009 to provide a client-led property advisory service with a holistic approach and uniquely ethical principles. 

Having previously worked in some of the most recognised real estate brands in the UK, with involvement in countless transactions and many developments throughout their careers, Dewey and Natasha are able to value engineer and optimise the complete property ownership process. Building on this experience, they have sought to create a unique company that can provide a discreet, personal and professional service for a select few, ensuring consistent market beating results. 

An end-to-end service providing advice from inception through development, ongoing use and disposal 

Over the last ten years, Dewey has developed Lake & Co into a firm that provides a single touch point for clients from inception, viability, acquisition through to design, development and ongoing asset management or disposal. 

The business can best be described as a private office property function, with clients ranging from UHNW individuals, family offices, trusts and their advisors, to heads of industry, institutional funds, developers and other property professionals. 

Who we are 

We are by nature a tenacious and innovative company. Our diverse team and unique blend of capabilities brings a balanced and focused approach to every project that we apply ourselves to. The support of such a team allows Dewey, as Managing Director, to remain personally involved with each project offering our clients a consistent focus. 

In order to retain its personal style and commitment to providing a 'client first' service we have grown Lake & Co organically and it remains a 100% referral-based company. 

Our multi‐disciplined team has the diverse knowledge and collective experience to deliver results on challenging and demanding transactions or projects, applying well‐planned and streamlined procedures and systems. Along the way, based on key and consistent deliverables, we have built an extensive network of best-in-class professional providers, ensuring the most optimal outcomes available. 

What we do 

The foundation of everything we do is research based, with focus on defining the correct strategy and assembling the right team for every client. In doing so we are able to create the specific outcomes our clients are seeking for their particular circumstance. 

Our key geographies are prime London, super-prime London, home counties and country estates. 

We specialise in: 

• Research, Viability & Financial modelling 

• Search & Acquisition 

• Development Management 

• Client Representation 

• Ongoing Asset and Property Management 

• Disposal via Lettings or Sale

By standing in our clients' shoes, we have direct insight into the key challenges they may be facing and in doing so we are able to apply the team's collective experience to their unique requirements and apply our advice accordingly. 

The overlaying of the combined knowledge of our team to each client's brief, enables us to spot challenges and opportunities in advance of them presenting themselves, allowing the implementation of solutions and the ability to crystalise potential where available.  


24-25, New Bond Street, LONDON, W1S 2RR

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