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KOBRE & KIM is a global law firm focused on disputes and investigations, with particular experience in assisting ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) with complex, cross-border problems arising from high-profile government actions and associated litigation and investigations. Its team of civil litigators and former US and UK government lawyers have a proven track record of coordinating aggressive, multi-jurisdictional strategies designed to preserve clients’ global assets, liberty and reputation.

Its multidimensional approach to UHNW disputes – which often includes out-of-court strategies alongside creative in-court advocacy – is the premier solution for resolving complex global issues faced by international private clients. Its lawyers regularly execute distinctive tactics, such as:

  • acquiring and strategically deploying information to provide UHNWIs with a commercial advantage in their disputes;
  • deploying factual narratives to strengthen a client’s reputational and commercial interests in the face of misconduct allegations;
  • leveraging favorable findings in criminal proceedings in one jurisdiction to defend against proceedings in another;
  • challenging multi-jurisdictional sanctions designations and Interpol Red Notices; and
  • convincing courts to release frozen assets, reject confiscation requests or permit lawful deployment of assets.

With fifteen global offices in jurisdictions across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Offshore, its integrated team can defend clients’ interests anywhere in the world.

Kobre & Kim does not maintain rosters of repeat corporate clients for whom it conducts routine work, or whose interests it must accommodate. Instead, it focuses 100% on advocating for the clients it takes on for special matters and can, accordingly, press aggressive positions, uphold the highest level of confidentiality, and litigate against financial institutions involved in complex trust and estate structures. Through this special counsel model, it regularly works in tandem with long-standing advisers to clients facing these kinds of high-stakes proceedings and investigations, including family offices, financial advisers and transactional counsel.

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