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Cookson Adventures is known for its commitment to research and building a formidable network of partners around the globe. Accordingly, its clients enjoy access to places, people, secluded routes and untouched destinations that are the envy of many in the travel industry.

Henry Cookson, the record-breaking polar explorer who founded the company in 2009, has been providing the world's most discerning travellers with breathtaking experiences, with the help of a team of in-house experts which includes ex-British Army captains and event planners. 

His black book is filled with experts from marine biologists to magicians – which allows his firm to create an almost unlimited range and variety of personalised adventures. 

Cookson Adventures takes pride in the fact that its services are exclusive; the firm only works on a small number of projects per year in order to maintain the quality of its services.

Conservation is a key focus for Cookson's team, which has orchestrated everything from rehoming giant tortoises by helicopter to discovering a new species of orca.

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