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Jonathan Coad

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Reputation lawyer, PR adviser, and author, Jonathan Coad of Coad Law says ‘I undertake most crisis PR working alongside top agencies who call me in either to kill off a story before it breaks or to compel its correction before it does.’

With expertise in crisis PR, litigation PR, and content risk management, the former Schillings and Lewis Silkin partner has represented renowned organisations and A-list celebrities including Amazon, Disney, Gucci, Procter & Gamble, Victoria Beckham, Lady Gaga, and numerous others.

His biggest tip: ‘The best way to deal with a PR crisis is to ensure that it does not happen; prevention being far better than any attempted cure.’ 

Coad’s highly-acclaimed book Reputation Matters also serves as a thorough guide exploring the methods and precautions one should take when preventing or reacting to reputational crises.

Rank: Top Flight

Top Flight 2024, Reputation & Privacy Lawyers

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