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Laura Hammett

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Interior design firm, Laura Hammett, was founded in 2008 by the name behind the business itself, Laura Hammett, alongside her husband, Aaron. They specialise in creating bespoke homes that they describe as ‘authentic, liveable, and timeless’. 

The firm offers comprehensive architectural planning which is managed in-house and includes space planning, joinery, and lighting design. They additionally provide their clients with turnkey styling comprising of the ornamentation of spaces with decorative items and curated floral design. 

Hammett has been featured in the Financial Times, Vogue and Upscale Living Magazine and is seen as a respected and esteemed voice to speak on architectural and interior trends. Her reputation has contributed towards an impressive client portfolio spanning across the world from the Bahamas and India to Saudi Arabia and Paris.

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Top Recommended 2023, Interiors

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